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Message from our founder.

We started Circle+ to solve a problem I had in my first business venture - access to real time insights to make strategic decisions. This is practically non-existent for first time founders and moreso for African entrepreneurs.

Circle+ is an attempt to shorten the time frame for strategic decisions to be made - usually weeks or months - to the click of a button. I believe this would radically increase the chances of success of African startups living up to 5 years - the point where I think the startup has a fighting chance of becoming an enduring company.

Being an African founder is a lonely road and I believe you deserve all the support you can get to create an enduring company.

We are not trying to scale.
We are not trying to become the next unicorn.
We are simply trying to find the small cohort of startups wanting to create enduring African companies.

If you are this founder, we are already kindred spirits. I look forward to working with you to disrupt Africa.

We are on this journey together.

Nnamdi Oranye