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When the employees at the company who owned this Chubb Cobra Elite secure could remember the mix to open the highest lock, they determined to smash the mix lock off and then force the drive cam by means of the again of the lock, which they believed would open the secure. As it turns out, over 200 years ago, lock manufacturers thought that people would strive to do that, so that they made the locks unimaginable to open by this methodology. So for the final 200 years this technique has not worked! All they succeeded in doing was further locking the safe. They then known as safecracker. We attended and opened the safe for them and put it again in to service. Trying to open a safe if you have no idea what you are doing, just locks it additional. At all times call a safe engineer to open a safe. It is going to work out cheaper in the long term. The proprietor of this Chubb Stafford secure had not used it for thus long that he had forgotten the mix to the fitted three wheel combination lock. He referred to as safecracker. We attended on the organized time and opened this Chubb Stafford Safe for him. Safecracker then returned it again to full service. When you've got a Chubb Stafford protected with a lost mixture or keys simply name safecracker. We are able to open all Chubb Stafford Safes. The corporate who owned this Chubb secure wanted to dispose of it, but they didn't know what, if anything was in it. They called safecracker who attended the next day and opened the protected for them. When you want a Chubb safe opening, simply call safecracker. All I do is open safes. When the builders began to renovate a large home in Barnet, they found this locked Chubb secure hidden in a cupboard on the first ground. They obtained quotes to have the protected removed and disposed of, but these have been so high they determined to see if it could be cheaper to have the safe opened and put back in to service. One telephone call to safecracker and the deal was done. Safecracker attended, opened the protected and put it again in to full service. It may be the cheaper option to have a safe opened than it's to have it eliminated. When you want a safe opening name safecracker. When the elderly female owner of this Chubb drop chute wall secure sadley passed away her household had been left with a locked safe and no information of how to open it. They had been also unable to locate a very rare household heirloom any where throughout the premises. They known as safecracker and booked us to open their protected. We attended the address and opened the secure for them and have been pleased to say that the heirloom was present inside it. If you want a secure opening, simply name Safecracker. Cracking safes is all we do! Chubb Bankers - Unknown Combos - Opened Through E-mail! The owners of this locked Chubb Bankers protected had bought it as a part of the constructing that was once a Natwest Bank. For 15 years it had remained locked until they determined to pay to have it opened. Or they thought they have been going to should pay to have it opened, that was until they contacted safecracker. Before even quoting to open the safe I emailed them directions and numbers to attempt. Hey presto the protected was open! I then attened on a a lot cheaper service name out and reset the mix locks to new numbers and serviced the secure. You probably have a Chubb Bankers Protected or another locked secure, name safecracker. The house owners of this locked fashionable Chubb Sovereign safe contacted safecracker after they had forgotten the code to its fitted LaGard digital lock and had additionally mis-positioned the keys to the fitted Mauer lock. Safecracker attended and descibed to the homeowners what the keys to the Mauer lock ought to appear to be, this rang a bell with the spouse who was in a position to then discover the keys to and open the bottom lock. Safecracker then just opened the top lock and returned the safe back to full use. When you have a Chubb Sovereign or every other safe that you simply need opening, name safecracker. Although this secure had been in use at a large roofing firm for a number of years, it was only ever opened and locked with the important thing. The workers believed that the mixture lock had been disconnected. On a Monday morning the employees found that they could no longer open the safe. A locksmith was known as who instructed them that a relocker had fired and that the safe would need to be drilled open by a protected engineer. Safecracker werer called and after a couple of easy questions, we eradicated the relocker option! We then attended and opened the secure off the dial with no damage to the secure what so ever. The problem was a typical one. The mix lock labored fine however for all these years had been left within the open position, till someone on the weekend had spun the dial and locked it! That is a extremely frequent occurance with safes fitted with each key and mixture locks. For those who need a protected opening name safecracker, one of many UK's solely full time professional safecrackers. When a big central London bank were clearing out a load of outdated safes, they allowed their workers to take any that they needed. One employee chosen this Chubb Fire secure. Sadly it came locked with no keys. The employee knew Safecracker as we had already opened a number of safes for the bank, so he asked safecracker to attend his home address, open and put again in to service this Chubb hearth safe. Safecracker attended picked open the lock and put again in to service this Chubb fireplace protected. When you have a secure that you need opening, call safecracker. When their elderly mom sadly passed away not one of the siblings knew the mix of her locked Chubb mixture lock wall safe. None of them also knew if it really contained anything! The family contacted safecracker and organized a date and time the place the household could all be current and the safe opened. Safecracker attended and opened the secure for them. After the secure was open, safecracker reset the mixture so that the secure was now able to be used by the new homeowners. Should you need a Chubb or anyother wall protected opening, name safecracker. When the proprietor of this Chubb Castelle protected handed away no one knew the mix to open it or what its contents were. They first called a locksmith who using an angle grinder cut via the hindge pins. Locksmiths by no means seem to be taught that reducing hindges has not worked for over 200 hundred years! The locksmith, now all out of ideas then left. The homeowners then known as protected cracker. I attended, recovered the combination, opened the lock and then lifted the door off for them! I needed to carry the door off, as a result of as I discussed above, there were now no hindge pins! In the event you need a Chubb secure or another safe opening name a safecracker. When the brand new homeowners bought this protected from their local auction house in Chelmsford, they believed that as the winning bid they might get each the keys and mixture. Unfortunatley nobody knew the combination! They referred to as safecracker, I attended and opened this Chubb secure for them with no injury what so ever and put it back in to full use, setting a brand new mixture in to the lock. Never buy a second hand protected until you may see it open. However for those who need a safe opened, call protected cracker. When the owner of this outdated Chubb protected couldn't find the keys he known as Safecracker. We attended and opened the protected for him. Wraysbury had been one of the areas flooded when the Thames had bust its banks and this secure had been partially below water for a variety of weeks. The water in the bottom of the safe door had remained in the protected after the levels receeded. In the event you need a protected opening, name Safecracker. When the re-builders of a big flat in London's Grovesnor Sq. discovered this locked and hidden Chubb mixture wall protected within the premises they telephoned Safecracker. We attended and opened this Chubb combination wall secure with no damage and returned it again to full use. When you have a Chubb mixture wall protected or some other protected that wants opening, name safecracker. When the owners of this Chubb Leamington could now not open it with the proper combination, they tried turning the combination lock dial as laborious as they might thinking it would pressure the lock to open. Sadly for them and anybody else who ever tries to force a lock to open, in a battle of power the lock will at all times win. The safe remained locked but now there was also the extra problem that you simply could not retract the bolt from the dial. SafeCracker were known as to open the protected. Safecracker attended that evening and opened the protected for them and returned it back to full use, opening the protected and fitting a brand new combination lock. You probably have a protected that will not open, call safecracker. When the homeowners of this Chubb Cobra protected couldn't remember the combination to open it, they called safecracker. On arrival on the premises which was a large flat over trying Hyde Park, I buzzed the address and their butler got here down, let me in and even offered to hold my bags, how cool was that! The Chubb cobra protected was opened and returned again to full use. The executor of a will contact Safecracker after he had discovered this locked protected within the premises that he was dealing with. A locksmith had attended however had not been in a position to open it. Safecracker organized to meet the executor on the premises on a Sunday afternoon. We then opened the protected for him with no damage. If you happen to want a wall secure opening, call safecracker. When the brand new owner of this Chubb secure purchased it as part of a job lot he didn't get the combination with it. He knew to name safecracker to open the protected as we had opened other safes for him previously. We attended and opened the mixture lock for him with no injury to the secure. If you happen to need a Chubb combination lock opened, name safecracker. When a younger lady inherited a home from her late fathers property, she let the home to tenants believing that this secure was empty. When the new tenants asked if they may use the safe she contacted safecracker asking us to open it and return it to full use. On opening the safe safecracker contacted the owner and requested if she may attend because the safe was far from empty! If you happen to want a Chubb safe opening call safecracker. Safecracker Cracks Ex-Safecracker's Secure! When the proprietor of this Chubb safe misplaced the keys, he knew that it will take a professional safecracker to open it. The rationale being that this Chubb protected had been his late fathers private secure, a man who had recognized a thing or two about high quality safes as he had been a safecracker too! Each of the fitted locks needed to be picked and in a sure order for the secure to open. Safecracker picked open both locks, opening the safe with no damage and due to this fact retaining its distinctive historical past. Safecracker then returned this Chubb safe again to full use. This was a type of jobs that was an honour to complete. In the event you ever need a safe opening at all times name a professional safecracker. When the corporate who had been renovating a flat in London's West Finish, shut a Chubb protected that had been left open, they did not realise that no one knew the combination for it. They called safecracker. we attended and opened this Chubb safe for them. When a company primarily based in New Oxford Avenue London, had been shifting premises they wanted this Chubb Information Cabinet to be opened. The code to the fitted Kaba lock had lengthy been forgotten. Safecracker attended and opened this Chubb Data Cabinet for them. In case you want a Chubb Knowledge Cabinet or any other knowledge cabinet or safe opening call safecracker. The the new owners moved in to a pub in Hertfordshire, this was one of 2 safes they found locked in the premises. As they could not discover the keys for this Chubb wall protected they telephoned Safecracker. We attended and opened the safe for them returning it to full use. If you need a Chubb wall safe opening name safecracker. The employee's using this Chubb Milner Hearth Safe, by no means knew the mixture and just used the key lock to operate it. All nice till someone spun the dial and scrambled the combination locking the safe. We attended and opened the combination lock on their Chubb Milner safe returning it to full service. When you have a Chubb Milner protected that you simply want opening name safecracker. When the owners of this Chubb Black Field safe may no longer open the protected with the correct code, they called safecracker. We attended and opened this Chubb Black Box secure for them. In case you have a locked Chubb Black Field protected which you require opening, name safecracker. When the proprietor of this Chubb Resolute secure misplaced the slip bit to the highest lock which operates the clutch on the Chubb Isolator locking system he known as safecracker. We attended and picked the fitted Chubb 6K174 lock open. We then re levered the Chubb lock and equipped new slip bits. When you need any locked protected opening call Safecracker. When the proprietor misplaced the keys to this Chubb grade 1 floor protected he called safecracker. We attended and picked the fitted Mauer lock open. We then re levered the lock and supplied new keys. In the event you need any locked safe opening name Safecracker. When the owners of this Chubb Combination Protected, an FTSE 250 company moved it to their London workplaces, nobody could remember the combination to open it. Safecracker attended and opened this Chubb Mixture Secure for them with no injury and reset a new combination. In case you want any locked safe opening name Safecracker. When the owners of this Chubb Resolute Protected, a famous 5 star lodge in London wanted the mixture modified they didn't have the right instruments or anybody with the right data to complete the duty. They contacted safecracker. We attended and completed the combination change for them. We also serviced the Chubb Resolute safe to make sure they continued to get faultless use from it. When you need a combination changed or any protected opened, name safecracker. The keys to this Chubb Isolator Protected have been within the house owners briefcase when it was stolen from his automotive. We attended and through the use of a specialist safe engineers device, we opened the protected with no harm. We then re-levered the locks to new keys, which meant the outdated keys would not work. When you have lost the keys to your safe or had them stolen call safe cracker to open and re-key your locks. When the brand new proprietor of a premises in West London found this locked Chubb safe with no keys, she e-mailed safecracker by way of this site. Safecracker attended and using a specialist safe opening software, Safecracker opened the secure with no damage what so ever. We then serviced the secure and returned it again to full use. Should you need any Chubb protected opening, call, textual content or email Safecracker. The proprietor of this Chubb Secureline safe referred to as safecracker after he returned from holiday and was unable to access his secure. Safecracker attended, opened this Secureline secure and returned it again to full operation, however this time with a key lock! In case you have forgotten the mixture to your safe call safecracker. The owners of this Chubb Mixture Wall Protected inherited it after they bought the home but never knew the correct mixture to open it. They called safecracker. Without inflicting any harm to the secure or lock safecracker had been capable of open the combination lock for them. We then set a new mixture in to the lock and before leaving ensured that they may appropriately dial the quantity and open the lock. This Chubb Secureline safe had an electronic mixture safe lock failure, even when the correct code was entered you couldn't open this Secureline safe. We opened the protected and have now fitted a new protected key lock. If you have an electronic safe lock failure on a Chubb Secureline protected name safecracker. This Chubb secure which is fitted with the Chubb isolator bolt works had an electronic safe lock failure, even when the proper code was entered you couldn't open the safe. We attended the British Rail Station in South London the place it was fitted and opened the protected. When you have an electronic safe lock failure on a Chubb protected name safecracker. A customer with this Chubb safe known as secure cracker as he had misplaced the key bit for his or her safe. Safecracker attended and opened the Chubb safe for him. When you've got misplaced your Chubb safe keys call safecracker. The owner of this Chubb secure had forgotten the mixture for the fitted Chubb mixture safe lock. From speaking to staff and with our data of Chubb combination safe locks, we had been capable of open the protected with no harm what so ever. A new combination was set within the lock. A customer contacted Safecracker about this Chubb safe where the one member of employees who knew the combination had left. We attended and opened this Chubb protected with none harm and reset the mix. Call us to open your Chubb secure. This Chubb wall protected was present in a store by the brand new tenants. We picked the Chubb lock open and re-keyed it. Name Safecracker when you've got misplaced the keys to your Chubb wall secure. This Chubb hearth secure arrived without any keys and locked shut. Safecracker used a specially designed decide called a pin and cam system to interrogate the lock and build a key to open the secure with none harm. We've quite a few pin and cam methods for different locks. A new digital safe lock that had been fitted on this Chubb secure failed after a really brief time. The locksmith who installed it didn't have the secure opening tools or information to open the protected. But he did have the good sense to name safecracker first and not attempt to open the safe by himself. Safecracker attended and after confirming the diagnostics we drilled in to the protected, opening the La Gard safe lock. The safe was then repaired to straightforward. A customer known as safecracker with a locked Chubb Secureline secure, which he had no protected keys for. Safecracker was able to establish the Secureline safe lock as a Mauer President. The Mauer President safe Lock. Safecracker then picked the Chubb Secureline safe open utilizing a typical 2 in 1 decide. After opening it, safecracker modified the lever order around in the Mauer President lock and minimize two new keys. This fashion the earlier safe keys, should they fall in to the unsuitable arms would no longer work on this protected.