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Finding enduring, innovative African companies.

Circle+ is on a mission to help find the next generation of innovative African companies. We apply data analytics, insights as well as machine learning algorithms to help innovators build companies that outlast them.

Circle+ created a new model for helping African innovators with their strategy. Every year, we bring the power of insights & analytics on over hundreds of thousands data points to a cohort of 20 high growth, African innovative companies.

We work intensively with the companies through out the year, get them insights and data to help with their fundraising strategy and assist them with their positioning in the African landscape.

We help founders figure out the best investment houses to talk to to raise funding, the best media houses who would write about their products and companies, what milestones they need to achieve based on actual industry trends, and much more... all on one platform.

The overall goal of Circle+ is to increase the number of startups that achieve escape velocity (raising cumulatively over $10m). For most of our startups, this translates into helping them work on areas that our predictive machine learning model has identified they are weak in - generally ending up in raising money.

Each year, we work with only 20 high growth potential companies. Each cohort is advised on a regular basis on trends and themes popping out of our analytics research. Each company engages on a one-on-one basis with Circle+ partners to dissect their strategy against the industry trends, and founders get the benefit of a focused engagement.

Once a company has built a product and is ready to launch, we combine their internal accounting data with the macro data in our database to deliver a strong visual representation of their business. We believe accounting data is the manifestation of a company's strategy and as such, must never be ignored.

We've found that founders who have the following characteristics find the most value from Circle+:

- Launched a product in the market

- Have at least one paying customer

- Subscribe to the concept of 'profits before investment'

- Looking to raise funds at some stage

Flat fee of $39/month. Cancel anytime.

Circle+ makes micro investments into promising companies in each yearly cohort. We generally utilise SAFE agreements and is available to innovators who hit a threshold on our investment model.